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Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing in Alpharetta, Georgia

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We Are Windows Plus Services

Founded in 1996 by Mark Jacques, we provide exceptional window cleaning services and more to homeowners and commercial businesses of all types. 


 Several Clients Who Have Been Using Windows Plus for Over 20 Years!



Services We Provide

Pressure Washing

We clean driveways, patios, and various brick surfaces

Pressure Washing

Gutter Cleaning

We can prevent rainwater from damaging your home by thoroughly cleaning the gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean and Paint Garage Floor

We can make your garage flooring look brand new and last longer.

Clean and Paint Garage Floor

Cleaning Interior Lighting

Brighten up more of your rooms by having us clean high lighting that you can't reach.

Cleaning Interior Lighting

Remove Mold and Mildew

Early detection and prevention can protect both your house and family..

Remove Mold and Mildew

Staining Decks

We can make your garage flooring look brand new and last longer.

Staining Decks

Fully Licensed and Insured

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Window Plus Services have friendly, respectful, and professional team members that you can depend on to meet your needs.

Providing You With Our Expertise

 We value safety, customer loyalty, and providing our expertise to exceed the expectations of each and every client. We put you first in every action. 

3475 Summerdale Walk

Cumming GA 30028 

Providing Alpharetta, GA and the surrounding areas with exceptional service for your window cleaning needs.

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What is the process for your window cleaning services
We can give you a free price quotation once we discuss the type and quantity of windows you have and also what other services you may want to be included such as pressure washing. If our estimate is within your budget, we will schedule a time at your convenience to start the work. Once our team arrives, we will inspect and count the windows to give you an exact price before we officially begin the work. This also helps us judge how extensive our service has to be in order to get each window cleaned thoroughly. If at any point you have any questions or concerns, we are sensible and have open communication. Any adjustments can be made to better meet your satisfaction.

Does Window Plus Services limit the jobs they accept? 
We have a variety of services we provide such as garage cleaning, pressure washing different types of surfaces, cleaning high interior lighting, gutter cleaning, removing mildew or/and mold, and staining decks. We are willing to discuss what other services you may need and will let you know if we are able to accomplish it.

Are there any discounts for your services? 
Yes, currently on the site there is a coupon available for 10% off! All you would have to do is present it to Mark Jacques. Any future discounts may be listed on the site. 

How much does the service cost from Windows Plus Services to get my windows professionally cleaned? 
Once you request a quotation, you don't need to worry about a quote fee as it is free. In the beginning, we will provide an estimate based on the quantity and quality of windows in your home or business and also if you request other services we offer. If our estimate is within your budget, we will schedule a time at your convenience to start the work. Once our team arrives, we will inspect and count the windows to give you an exact price before we officially begin cleaning windows.

How safe are your cleaning products?
The products we use are home-safe. It will not affect the carpet, walls, or flooring. It is best to keep any children and pets away while we are on the site for precautionary reasons. 

Do you provide all your own equipment? 
Yes, we bring all the necessary equipment to get the job done as well as possible.

Is it important for me to get my windows cleaned often professionally? 
Having your windows cleaned yearly or twice a year is ideal. This helps keep the windows lasting longer against any weather by removing dust and dirt buildup. Getting your windows cleaned professionally also gets residue from places that may be difficult to clean with normal household products such as Windex. We have the right equipment to get cleaner windows faster. 

Does Windows Plus Services clean only the interior of my windows or just the exterior? 
You can request us to clean only the interior, only the exterior, or both. 
We work carefully inside of your home and everything is left the same as it was found. 

What type of payment do you accept for your services? 
We accept a variety such as Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Apple Pay.

How much experience does Windows Plus Services have? 
Since 1996, Windows Plus Services has been providing window cleaning services to hundreds of clients. Our professional team has over 20 years of experience in maintaining windows of homeowners and small businesses. 

Can I request your services year-round? 
If inclement weather arises, we will contact you if you would still be comfortable with us arriving to provide our services. If the weather is too severe, we may need to reschedule at a time of your convenience in order to perform the job safely.